Welcome to Year Three of this catechetical program.
Below you'll see the courses listed for year three of the program. Please refer to your individual catechetical plan before enrolling in courses. Teachers granted credit for previous Level 3 certification are exempt from taking Foundations - Liturgy and Sacraments. All others teachers working on Year 3 will be taking Foundations - Prayer and Spirituality.

Please be conscious of the time frame to complete this on-demand course. We hope you enjoy the curriculum and this great opportunity for spiritual growth.

If you have any questions about the courses you're taking, please contact your principal or me.
May God Bless you, Mike Juhas, Superintendent

Foundations - Liturgy and Sacraments

Liturgy and Sacraments are essential to God's plan to lead us to Him, body and soul. In this Pillar we explore their transforming power to unite us to Christ and His mystical body. Come and know the vital role that the sacraments have in initiating us in God's kingdom, healing us in our physical and spiritual lives, and calling us to service in the community of believers.

$29 - 8 Lessons (1 year subscription)


Foundations - Prayer and Spirituality

Prayer and Spirituality is friendship with God, and this Pillar navigates us through the joys and difficulties of the spiritual life. Founded on Christ's examples and teachings on prayer, we explore the diversity of the spiritual life, and practical applications to be utilized for personal growth.