Welcome to Year Two of this catechetical program.
Below you'll see the courses listed for year two of the program. Please refer to your individual catechetical plan before enrolling in courses. Teachers granted credit for previous Level 2 or 3 certification are exempt from taking Foundation - Creed. All others teachers working on Year 2 will be taking Foundations - Life in Christ.

Please be conscious of the time frame to complete this on-demand course. We hope you enjoy the curriculum and this great opportunity for spiritual growth.

If you have any questions about the courses you're taking, please contact your principal or me.
May God Bless you, Mike Juhas, Superintendent

Foundations - Creed

Creed takes the learner on a journey from the beginning of God's loving creation of mankind to the Church's divine understandings of the End Times. During this excursion you will delve into our creation in the Image and Likeness of God, the impact of Original Sin entering the world and its effect on all of humanity, and how in God's infinite love He gave us His only Son, Jesus Christ.

$29 - 11 Lessons (1 year subscription)


Foundations - Life in Christ

Life in Christ unfolds the fullness of God's law revealed through Christ. Founded in God's roadmap for happiness, this Pillar covers the elements of moral decision-making. Included here is the structure of sin, the role of the human conscience, and the biblical directives of the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes. Finally, we see how Mary is our example of a Christ centered existence.